Charging stations are equipped with LED matrix displays

Fraport AG is one of the leading international companies in the airport business and operates at 30 airports on four continents.
In 2017, Fraport welcomed more than 64 million passengers at its home base in Frankfurt, and handled a cargo volume of around 2.23 million tons. Frankfurt Airport ranks second in terms of cargo and fourth in passenger traffic in the ranking of European airports.

Successful companies like Fraport AG are always setting new standards and are happy to stand out from the crowd. The airport in Frankfurt is setting a good example in the field of eMobility, too, by investing in a generous charging infrastructure for visitors.

In addition to the classic charging stations (per parking space), Fraport AG also wanted to offer the customer still more: a clearly visible display above the e-filling stations should indicate the driver looking for power already from the distance whether the charging point is available, occupied, ready for operation or defective.

Conventional displays don’t allow for a freely programmable indications. Furthermore, the display was intended to be multi-coloured and dynamic.

In addition to other requirements regarding temperature, humidity, size and cost, of course, the quality also played a major role.

MSR-Traffic GmbH is therefore particularly proud to be the supplier of the more than 60 LED matrix displays.