Parking in hospitals

Indoor, outdoor and special parking

The distances in a hospital can be endless. By the time the person looking for a parking space has found his way there, the visitor can already save this time in the search for a suitable parking space in advance.


For you, as a parking provider, the higher utilisation and the environmental aspect are in the foreground. With an intelligent parking system, you reduce your visitors' search for a parking space and prevent harmful vehicle emissions. Thanks to continuous parking regulation, you increase the efficiency of your parking management in the long term.

The solution from MSR-Traffic

  • Special individual spaces: Handicap, electric charging station
  • Counting on entry and exit of the parking space
  • Camera for recording for protected areas
  • Displays and signs for parking guidance systems
  • Software with cloud connection for evaluation

The project

Among other things, the Carl-Thiem Klinikum in Cottbus is investing in intelligent ultrasonic sensors and LED displays with innovative individual parking space detection from MSR-Traffic. The data from the sensors is processed via the cloud and then analyzed in detail using software. Read more. 

Carl-Thiem Klinikum Cottbus ©Carl-Thiem Klinikum, Cottbus
Carl-Thiem Klinikum Cottbus ©Carl-Thiem Klinikum, Cottbus