Parking at the airport

Indoor, outdoor and special parking areas

Highly frequented areas such as airports require functioning and efficient parking guidance systems to direct travellers as quickly and safely as possible to the correct parking space near the terminal. Implementing specific solutions increases parking capacity and thus not only provides travellers with a stress-free experience, but also promotes revenue generation in parking facilities.

Innovative parking guidance systems from MSR-Traffic offer individual technologies for this purpose. Strategic and customised software solutions ensure sustainable parking management both inside and outside the parking facilities.

The solution from MSR-Traffic

  • Special individual spaces: Handicap, electric charging point
  • Counting on entry and exit of the car park
  • Camera for detection of protected areas
  • Displays and signs for parking guidance systems
  • Software with cloud connection for evaluation

The project

In order to set new standards in the field of electric mobility, the airport Frankfurt is investing in a generous charging structure for visitors and is installing e-fuelling stations with freely programmable displays.

Up to 60 dynamic and colour-intensive LED matrix displays show visitors the status of the charging station from a distance. Read more.

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