Parking in cities & municipalities

Indoor, outdoor and special parking spaces

In cities and municipalities, free parking capacities are becoming increasingly scarce, but the demand for them is continuously increasing. In order to reduce this imbalance, it is particularly important to manage mobility and parking usage and to make optimal use of existing spaces.

Intelligent, software-based parking management is a central factor in making urban mobility more sustainable and efficient. The smart parking guidance systems from MSR-Traffic enable target-oriented parking space management and regulation of the parking supply. This optimises traffic flows in urban areas and reduces parking search traffic.

The MSR-Traffic solution

  • Special individual spaces: Handicap, electric charging station
  • Counting on entry and exit of the parking space
  • Camera for detection of protected areas
  • Displays and signs for parking guidance systems
  • Software with cloud connection for evaluation

The project

The city of Straubing uses intelligent parking guidance systems to guide people looking for parking spaces dynamically and as quickly as possible to the next available parking space.

The traffic signs and LCD displays installed at 50 locations in the city not only optimize mobility and traffic flow in urban areas, but also significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Read more.

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©MSR-Traffic GmbH