Vehicle detection with ultrasonic technology

Vehicle counting for entrances and exits

Two sensor groups continuously determine the distance. A passing vehicle results in a typical height profile.


The two sensor groups also enable reliable direction recognition and the differentiation of two vehicles driving close behind each other.


Two neighbouring sensors synchronise via a direct connection to avoid measurement interference. The detection of a vehicle runs in real time and depending on the direction. The information is transmitted to a counting device via two relays or can be queried via the serial interface.


The mounting

The drive-through sensor for vehicle counting is mounted on the ceiling parallel to the floor at a distance of two to three metres, like a fluorescent lamp. If the ceiling height is greater than three metres, the sensor is suspended to a height of less than three metres. The passageway must be designed in such a way that the vehicle can be detected by the sensor.

Your advantages

  •  Specially developed pattern recognition methods for accurate measurements
  •  Real-time vehicle detection
  •  Reliable direction recognition
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