Vehicle detection with induction technology

The sensor

The LOOPO induction or ground loop consists of several wire windings which are laid in a narrow slot in the respective subsoil.


When current flows through this "coil", an inductive alternating field is created. If a vehicle moves across this alternating field, its field lines are changed. This changes the inductance of the "coil" and the frequency of the oscillating circuit. The connected signal conditioning instrument detects this change and generates a contact which, for example, opens the barrier or prevents the barrier from closing.


The data is sent by a multisensory network from the road to the cloud, which processes it and converts it into useful information. The data is processed by a complex algorithm, which takes over and forwards the data in real time. The direction of travel is detected by the use of two LOOPO.


  • Parking lot entrances and exits
  • Entrance/exit to company premises

Your advantages

  • Management of complex traffic situations
  • Continuous improvement of sensor accuracy
  • High flexibility
  • High adaptability