Parking in Shopping Malls

Indoor, outdoor and special parking spaces

Finding a parking space is often a challenge for customers and requires a lot of time. However, thanks to the wide range of technologies and solutions available in the digital age, it is possible to make finding a parking space as simple and efficient as possible.

For you, as a parking provider, the focus is on higher utilisation and the environmental aspect. With an intelligent parking system, you not only reduce traffic congestion and harmful vehicle emissions, but also offer car drivers a first-class service, which in turn increases car park usage and customers' willingness to pay.

The solution from MSR-Traffic

  • Special individual spaces: Handicap, electric charging station
  • Counting on entry and exit of the car park
  • Camera for recording protected areas
  • Displays and signs for parking guidance systems
  • Software with cloud connection for evaluation

The project

Outlet City Metzingen 

In order to make the shopping experience positive and enjoyable while searching for a parking space, drivers are immediately guided to the next free parking space via dynamic traffic guidance from MSR-Traffic or via app. Read more. 

©Outlet City Metzingen
©Outlet City Metzingen