Guaranteed fast search for a parking space in the outlet city of Metzingen

MSR-Traffic equips up to 1,500 parking spaces with a dynamic parking guidance system.

©Outletcity Metzingen/Holy AG

International fashion labels, famous designers, lifestyle, accessories and top-class gastronomy - the Outletcity Metzingen attracts around 4.2 million visitors from 185 nations every year.

Metzingen is the first and largest outlet location in Germany. The city is therefore often referred to as the "capital of factory outlets". It ranks among the most important shopping cities for foreign tourists in Germany for years.

The outlet city Metzingen is managed by the Holy AG - founded by the grandchildren of the famous textile entrepreneur Hugo Boss.

With currently over 3,500 well signposted parking spaces in the shopping city, there are no long distances to your favourite shopping store.




Aware of available areas


In order to start the shopping experience in a positive way already when looking for a parking space and to keep it in good memory, car drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic guidance technology from MSR-Traffic or via app.

Apart from the time saved and the good feeling of knowing where the next free parking space is, the environment is protected. In addition, the profitability of the parking areas is increased.

Optimally used parking spaces can thus reduce ventilation and environmental costs.

Ultraschallsensor Cross from MSR-Traffic for intelligent indoor parking guidance systems

©MSR-Traffic GmbH Germany, Ultraschallsensor Cross

Control of the single space and counting sensor technology by CROSS ultrasonic sensors and counting bars


For single space detection, almost half of the total parking area including new buildings is equipped with ultrasonic sensors from MSR-Traffic.

Additional counting bars ensure the counting of vehicles entering and leaving the car parks.

The installation of the single space and counting sensors is carried out under the ceiling, on plaster or on a rail.

Compared to conventional measuring techniques, MSR-Traffic sensors are quicker to install, have a longer service life and provide extremely precise measuring results.


Perfect control with the ParkGard Control Center


The availability of each individual parking space is recorded, and then controlled and managed by the MSR-Traffic ParkGard® Control Center.

The resulting occupancy status is shown on LED displays at the entrance and per level.

In this way, customers can be guided directly to the next available parking space. This not only makes searching easier and reduces traffic in the garage, but also saves the customer valuable time.


©MSR-Traffic_germany_parking guidance systems_LED matrix

ParkGard® LED display matrix for optimum traffic guidance


The displays are used to show various texts, numbers, arrows or as information boards.

They are also widely used, for example, in:

  • stadiums
  • advertising
  • banks
  • security services
  • restaurants
  • bus/train stations

The information is transmitted to the sign board via a serial/ethernet interface.

With the amazing visual performance and the modular design this is the best solution for versatile indoor or outdoor applications for traffic signs, e.g. for:

  • way guidance
  • remaining spaces display
  • handicap display
  • charging stations (animated display)






Further details about MSR-Traffic products can be found in the current online catalog.

From the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. 

MSR-Traffic  offers innovative sensor technology and intelligent parking guidance systems that enable counting and single space detection of vehicles indoors  and outdoors.  Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic control technology or via app. With  magnetic field sensorscamerasultrasonic sensors and state-of-the-art   LED displays,  the company offers innovative products and solutions for finding and monitoring parking spaces. In addition to the development, production and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR-Traffic also supports the planning and installation on site. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, send us an email or contact one of our European branches.