The new parking guidance system has gone into operation a few months ago

Finally, the time has come – after many years the old (already deactivated) parking guidance system is dismantled and will be replaced by a completely new system.

As part of a public tender in 2017, the city was looking for a provider of a very extensive parking guidance system leading the visitors and residents dynamically to the next free parking space with current technologies.

By opting for MSR-Traffic as general contractor, the city is now relying on a young and innovative company from the close vicinity.

A total of 50 locations: New traffic signposts and LCD displays

After completion of planning and coordination tasks, the first phase started with the disassembly of all old signposts and displays. The civil engineering works for new wiring and foundations began after the winter. In the last step, all masts will be assembled on about 50 locations, and one to five traffic signs incl. LCD display and radio module will be mounted per location.

The data of the existing multi-storey car parks will be transferred to the MSR-Traffic system via an interface of the barrier manufacturers. The ParkGard Control Center software will be able to control the dynamic displays and to evaluate all parking processes. The open interface of the software will also allow linking to an app for parking seekers.

MSR-Traffic is pleased to help the city improve traffic management and thus reduce emissions.