Six Things you should know about Magnetic Field Sensors

The worldwide success of wireless ground sensors used for outdoor vehicle detection has led to the establishment of an independent new market that is currently experimenting with other technologies.
End customers now face with a wide range of products to solve the problem of finding a parking space. Below you will find interesting details on the market-leading technology “Magnetic Field Sensors”:

1. Market leadership
No other technology for outdoor single space detection has been tested for so long than ground sensors. Some companies starting 10 years ago with the development of ground sensors are still successful and belong to the market leaders in the field of outdoor vehicle detection.

2. Performance
Wireless magnetic field sensors (of experienced suppliers) offer more than 98 % accuracy – at any time. Furthermore, the measurement data are sent from the sensor up to the dynamic display or app just within only 10 seconds.

3. Longevity
Ground sensors and their batteries last up to 10 years; that means just as long as conventional products in many other industries specify as general service life. Rumors about short lifetimes of sensors are often based on first development projects of companies already many years ago.

4. Intelligence
The software in the sensor can be adapted at any time as the algorithm has been implemented centrally in the Cloud. The evaluation of the occupancy status does not take place in the sensor, but in the Cloud. This offers many advantages, including the fact that older sensors can also achieve the same performance as the somewhat newer sensors.

5. Installation
A system for single space detection is almost impossible to install faster and cheaper. No extensive milling work is necessary – only small drillings for the holes. There is also no need to install equipment at dangerous heights. In addition, the system can be expanded at any time if the number of parking spaces increases.

6. Resistance
The maybe decisive advantage of magnetic field sensors is based on the physical principle of the technology: The measurement of the magnetic field change (due to the approach of vehicles) is independent of temperatures, humidity, darkness, solar radiation, fog, snow or dirt. In addition, the sensors are also safe from snow ploughs (even without a rubber lip).