New TUM multi-storey car park in Garching with innovative parking space guidance, also for electric cars.  The technical universities around Munich are in great demand. The TUM extends over four large locations in Bavaria: Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan and Straubing. The university’s 15 faculties and main research facilities are located here.

In addition to a large, free car park on the Garching campus, TUM has the public underground car park GALILEO, from where many facilities and shops can be reached quickly and on foot in Garching. The campus is highly frequented by students and their visitors; therefore, the current parking situation has become precarious.

MSR-Traffic_Germany_Parking Garage LED Display_Garching

Since March 2020, the campus has offered another multi-story car park at Coulombwall 6 with an intelligent parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic. The 200 parking spaces are used exclusively by TUM employees and students.

E-Mobility is enjoying increasing demand. The electric car is becoming more and more attractive and cheaper. Therefore, the focus in this parking garage is on the division into normal and handicapped parking spaces and especially into parking spaces with charging stations. The freely programmable ParkGard® Matrix LED displays from MSR-Traffic used for this purpose provide intuitive guidance and save the car park user valuable time. At the same time, traffic in the car park is reduced.

Car drivers are now guided to the next free parking space using dynamic traffic guidance technology. The MSR ultrasonic sensors with colored status LEDs enable precise counting and single space detection of vehicles. The single space and counting sensors are each installed under the ceiling, whether on plaster or on a rail. Since the top parking deck of the parking garage has no ceiling, induction loops were used. The loops were cut into the driveway and then closed flush again.


MSR-Traffic_Germany_ParkGard Control Center System


The guidance system software “ParkGard® Control Center” enables user-friendly evaluations of the parking processes as well as the control of the devices in the parking garage.

MSR-Traffic assists you from the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. In addition to development, production and sales, MSR also supports planning and installation on site.

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