High-tech in the Terminal 3 car park at Frankfurt Airport

Efficient vehicle counting and management with FLOWI and the ParkGard® Control Centre from MSR-Traffic.

MSR-Traffic, a leading provider of intelligent parking guidance systems, has successfully installed the FLOWI vehicle counting system in the new Terminal 3 car park at Frankfurt Airport. This innovative technology significantly increases the efficiency and user-friendliness of the car park.

LED matrix display used in car park guidance systems. ©MSR-Traffic GmbH
©MSR-Traffic GmbH, LED-Matrix display


The new car park, which is characterised by its impressive size and advanced design, comprises eight levels and offers space for a total of 8,500 vehicles. Each floor is equipped with the FLOWI product to count the number of vehicles entering and leaving the car park and to display the available parking spaces on an LED-Matrix display in real time.


These displays are located at the entrances and exits of each level as well as centrally at the entrance on the ground floor, where an overview of all levels is displayed.

LED matrix display used in car park guidance systems. ©MSR-Traffic GmbH
©MSR-Traffic GmbH, LED-Matrix display
LED-Matrix display used in car park guidance systems. ©MSR-Traffic GmbH
©MSR-Traffic GmbH, LED-Matrix display

LED-Matrix displays.

The dynamic LED-MATRIX displays have a flat and modern design. In addition, numbers, arrows and symbols can be customised. All displays can be combined with conventional traffic signs and can also be optionally equipped with wireless communication technology from MSR-Traffic.


At the heart of this state-of-the-art parking guidance system is the ParkGard® Control Centre (PGCC) from MSR-Traffic.



©MSR-Traffic GmbH, PolyGard Control Center (PGCC), ©MSR-Traffic GmbH
©MSR-Traffic GmbH, PolyGard Control Center (PGCC)

This SCADA software enables the operator to control, visualise and evaluate vehicle counting and parking processes in real time. Thanks to the web-based application, several projects and individual areas can be managed simultaneously. The PGCC provides a detailed display of all devices per car park and allows different user groups access with individual access rights.

The new ParkGard® Control Center from MSR-Traffic takes over the overall control and management of all car parks and guidance systems. Click here for the demo version.

Despite the structural completion of the multi-storey car park, Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport will not open at full capacity until 2026. Around 2,000 parking spaces are currently rented out to passengers as part of the Holiday Parking offer. In just three years of construction, one of Europe's largest prefabricated multi-storey car parks was built right next to the new Terminal 3, offering short distances to check-in. The total area of the multi-storey car park is 240,000 square metres, which is equivalent to around 34 football pitches. The building is up to 26 metres high.


With the installation of the FLOWI system and the use of the ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC), MSR-Traffic has made a significant contribution to ensuring that the car park is optimally prepared for operation. The innovative technology enables efficient management and offers users excellent orientation and convenience when parking.


The installation of the parking guidance system was carried out by MSR-Traffic GmbH and its sister company VOLTA GmbH.


Copyright cover picture: ©Frankfurt Airport



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