MSR-Traffic solutions for indoor applications


The systems for detection and counting of incoming and exiting cars in car parks can be implemented for a certain zone, but also for individual levels.


Your benefits:

  • Long life expectancy
  • Exact detection and monitoring of all parking spaces
  • Significant reduction of traffic
  • Optimum utilization of the parking spaces thanks to single space detection
  • Reduction of ventilation costs
  • High detecation accuracy of the sensors
  • Sensor and status display in one housing


Functional scheme:




Vehicle detection indoors


The ultrasonic sensors for indoor applications are mounted below the ceiling (on plaster or rail). All ultrasonic sensors have up to 3 different status LED integrated in their housing.


Your benefits:

  • Mounting below the ceiling
  • ModBus communication
  • 99 % detection accuracy




Vehicle counting in indoor applications


The sensors of MSR-Traffic are especially suited for vehicle counting at entrances and exits of car parks. They are faster to install than conventional measuring techniques and provide highly accurate measurement results. The sensor is also mounted below the ceiling.


Your benefits:

  • Mounting below the ceiling
  • ModBus communication
  • 95 % detection accuracy


Functional scheme:



The way to the next free parking place


The dynamic LED displays from MSR-Traffic complement the product portfolio and give you the opportunity to obtain all the necessary systems for traffic control technology from a single supplier. A number of advantages, such as real-time occupancy information on current parking space occupancy, make the displays suitable for time-saving parking search.

The numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually.

Your benefits:

  • Flat and modern design
  • Good visibility
  • Non-reflecting displays
  • Long life expectancy
  • Individual modular design


Level display:

Main entrance display:


Safety systems for underground car parks


The PolyGard®2 sensors by MSR-Electronic measure and detect the emissions of car exhaust (CO, NOx and EX/LPG) in underground garages with highest reliability and precision and activate / control the ventilation systems accordingly.

All products comply with the new European standard EN 50545 and EN 50271.

Detailed information can also be found on the homepage of MSR-Electronic GmbH.




Ultrasonic sensors detect and manage the availability of each single parking space

The occupancy status is displayed on LED displays at the entrance and in each level, thus guiding the customers to the next free parking space. Not only the search for a free space is easier and the traffic in the garage is reduced, but the customer also saves valuable time.


See also the MSR film about indoor parking: