Stadtwerke Friedberg (municipal utilities) relies on intelligent parking management


More than 250 ultrasonic sensors from MSR-Traffic ensure efficient parking management.




After the 2 multi-storey car parks East and West were closed several times in recent years due to malfunctions, one is now looking to the future with confidence and invests in an efficent parking management.

In addition to an extensive renovation project, the Stadtwerke Friedberg have also decided to install an intelligent parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic, which will save car drivers an enormous amount of time when looking for a parking space.

The modern matrix LED displays provide intuitive route guidance also reducing traffic in the garage.

Drivers are now guided to the next free parking space via dynamic traffic guidance technology, using ultrasonic sensors.




Various ultrasonic sensors for optimal parking management


Due to the structural conditions, different ultrasonic sensors are used per car park. Based on the ultrasonic distance measurement, the sensor determines the distance to the ground or vehicle.

The result of this measurement is compared with a reference value and evaluated via a complex algorithm. The distance measurement is transmitted to the control centre using a serial data line.


Benefits of the ultrasonic sensors


MSR-Traffic GmbH, Ultrasonic sensors in different colours

©MSR-Traffic GmbH, Ultrasonic sensors SONICI RGB


  • Long service life, low maintenance and the most economically attractive type of digital single-space detection
  • The status of the parking space is determined and displayed by the sensor itself. This makes "emergency operation" possible in the event of a control centre failure.
  • Power and data via one cable
  • Small, robust housing
  • Spring-type terminals in the connection module for quick mounting
  • Surface or rail mounting, mounting height 2.30–3.20 m
  • Integrated, very bright red/yellow/green display - optionally also available as a remote unit
  • Sensors are mounted below the car park ceiling, on plaster or on a rail.
  • Options: Cable fairlead through the bottom of the housing, red/blue LEDs for disabled parking spaces, 3rd colour (e.g. yellow) for special functions




MSR-Traffic_Germany_Parkgarage Stadtwerke Friedberg

©MSR-Traffic, Parking garage Friedberg

MSR ultrasonic sensors with coloured status LEDs enable accurate counting and single-space detection of vehicles.

In order to be fit for the future, the municipal utilities are thus also making an important and necessary contribution to climate protection. The fast traffic routeing reduces CO emissions.

The West multi-storey car park is connected to the master computer in the East multi-storey car park via the IOT gateway. This allows the existing infrastructure to be used for location-independent internet communication via mobile radio/Ethernet/WiFi.

The IOT gateway is a robust, industrial LTE dual SIM router with WiFi, 4x Ethernet ports, I/O, RS-232, RS-485. All MSR-Traffic products are connected to the MSR cloud gateway via VPN.


All MSR Traffic products are connected to the MSR Cloud Gateway via VPN.


From the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. 

MSR-Traffic  offers innovative sensor technology and intelligent parking guidance systems that enable counting and single space detection of vehicles indoors  and outdoors.  Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic control technology or via app. With  magnetic field sensorscamerasultrasonic sensors and state-of-the-art   LED displays,  the company offers innovative products and solutions for finding and monitoring parking spaces. In addition to the development, production and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR-Traffic also supports the planning and installation on site. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, send us an email or contact one of our European branches.