New Update for PGCC Software – made by MSR-Traffic

Perfect control over all parking spaces in real time.

The ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC) by MSR-Traffic offers maximum flexibility for your parking management.
Due to an extensive update, the design, operation and individual views are now even more modern and intuitive. Especially the dashboard is particularly user-friendly and clear.

MSR-Traffic software for parking lot monitoring as view on tablet, laptop and smarthone ©MSR-Traffic GmbH
©MSR-Traffic, ParkGard®Control Center, Parking Management Software

Manage multiple properties at once.

With the ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC), car park operators can view any project and any individual car park at any time. The new software enables all parking processes to be controlled, visualised and analysed in real time on a web browser.

Green graphic for visualization of the software for parking lot monitoring by means of a laptop computer ©MSR-Traffic GmbH

The PGCC from MSR-Traffic is Scada software, which allows the operator to visualise all parking spaces and parking processes in real time in a simple way. It even shows details of individual devices in each car park if you have multiple car parks. The PGCC is a web browser-based application, meaning it is able to manage multiple projects or individual areas at once. Different user groups can be assigned different levels of access.

Special features

In addition to the statistics and analysis features, the PGCC can be linked to various technologies so that it can visualise and control all the sensors for individual recording and counting, as well as all displays in a car park or on outdoor parking spaces.   Additional applications, such as parking meters or gas warning systems, can be flexibly integrated to round out the PGCC’s extensive functionality. The software’s open interface also allows it to be linked to an app for drivers looking for places to park.


Additional components such as counting sensors, gates or induction loops, even those from third-party providers, can be integrated into the software without a problem.   Diagrams and satellite images help guide the user. The operator has the ability to switch between individual levels or projects at any time via an arrangement of tabs. Depending on programming, the status of individual levels, rows or specially defined areas such as totems or signposts can be displayed in addition to the overall status. Individual parking spaces, rows and even whole levels can be reserved or locked. Furthermore, parking spaces for persons with disabilities or small children or charging spaces for electric vehicles can be individually assigned and indicated by different colours in the system.

MSR-Traffic_12 green features of PGCC software for efficient parking management summarized in a graphic ©MSR-Traffic GmbH

The new user management system also allows operators to assign different rights to individual users and to define who should receive automatic notifications about certain events via e-mail or SMS.   A calendar overview also allows various processes to be automated – such as shutting down all LED lights overnight or resetting the counting sensors at certain times.


Further features of the software PGCC as well as a DEMO access can be found here.

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From the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. 

MSR-Traffic  offers innovative sensor technology and intelligent parking guidance systems that enable counting and single space detection of vehicles indoors  and outdoors.  Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic control technology or via app. With  magnetic field sensorscamerasultrasonic sensors and state-of-the-art   LED displays,  the company offers innovative products and solutions for finding and monitoring parking spaces. In addition to the development, production and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR-Traffic also supports the planning and installation on site. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, send us an email or contact one of our European branches.