Single Space Monitoring of Many Parking Spaces

Conducting - counting - single-user recording

When a parking space is occupied, the magnetic field sensor (type U-Spot) detects the change in the magnetic field and forwards the signal to the server. The evaluation takes place in combination with a parking guidance system, parking ticket machines, apps or the navigation system.

The magnetic field sensors (type U-Spot) are very robust and independent of weather conditions. E.g. they also detect reliably in sunlight, snow, black ice, foliage and fog.

The U-Spot is a wireless parking sensor with the highest durability and reliability of the device on the market. It detects the parking space occupancy and records the time how long the parking space was occupied by a vehicle. Because the vehicle detection system responds instantly and reliably to any change in parking occupancy, it is suitable for outdoor parking and on-street applications and helps optimize parking management.

The U-Flag stores data from the sensors and transmits this information to the U-Box (master repeater) via the MSR-Traffic network.


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