Guidance – counting – single space detection


Your benefits:

  • Compatible for app connection
  • Weather-independant sensors
  • Data transmission in real time
  • High protection against vandalism

Robust sensors, regardless of the weather conditions

The sensors work without restriction in case of:

  • Direct or permanent solar radiation
  • Rain, snow or ice
  • Foliage or other road pollution
  • Plant cover
  • Fog, darkness or sandstorm


Vehicle detection outdoors

The wireless magnetic field sensors are ideally suited for the single space detection in outdoor areas. They are independant of weather conditions, have a very high detection accuracy and can be flushly grouted with the road surface. Therefore, they are also protected against vandalism and snow ploughs.


M2M Parking Sensor – Digitalization of Parking Spaces in the Outdoor Area

The M2M ground sensor is a wireless parking sensor that continuously measures the earth´s magnetic field changes generated in parking spaces by vehicles. If the magnetic field changes significantly with respect to the sensor calibration value, this is transferred directly using the standard 3GPP protocol “NB-IoT“ to the cloud without a gateway via the cellular network. Here, the information is processed in order to determinate in real time the data of the parking process.

The sensor technology is suitable for any outdoor parking space and can be installed in the middle of the parking space or laterally positioned at the curb / sidewalk without removing the parked vehicles.


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Vehicle counting in outdoor applications


The wireless sensors (U-Flow) of MSR-Traffic are particularly suited for the counting (and speed measurement) of vehicles in outdoor areas. The magnetic field sensors are faster to install than conventional measuring techniques and provide highly accurate measurement results.


Counting sensor technology:

  • Parking areas with counting
  • Floor mounting, flush with the road surface
  • Wireless communication
  • 95 % detection accuracy per passage




Guidance and information


The dynamic displays are available in different variations:

  • LCD display
  • LED segment display
  • LED matrix

All of them can be combined with conventional traffic signs and can be equipped with wireless communication by MSR-Traffic.


Perfect application for parking garages

  • Individual configuration of numbers, arrows and symbols
  • Flat and modern design
  • Good visibility with non-reflecting displays
  • Individual modular design



MSR-Traffic’s innovative magnetic field technology guides car drivers to the next free parking space

If a parking space is occupied, the sensor detects the change in the magnetic field and transmits the signal to the server.

The evaluation then takes place in combination with a parking guidance system, parking ticket machines, apps or the navigation system.


See also the MSR-Film about outdoor parking: