Single Space Monitoring of Individual Parking Spaces

Digitization of parking areas through innovative magnetic field sensor technology

The wireless magnetic field sensor M2M Parking Sensor is ideal for single space detection for a small number of parking spaces, e.g. for:

  • access routes for ambulances and fire departments
  • loading zones for trucks
  • charging stations for electric vehicles

The M2M Parking Sensor is weather independent, has a very high detection accuracy and is protected against vandalism. It permanently measures the earth’s magnetic field changes generated by vehicles in parking spaces.

When the magnetic field changes significantly with respect to the sensor calibration value, the occupancy status is transmitted via NB-IoT directly (without gateway) to the cloud through the cellular network

The sensor system is suitable for any outdoor parking space and can be installed in the middle of the parking lot or on the side of the curb / sidewalk without removing the parked vehicles.


More information about the M2M Parking Sensor for precise single space monitoring.

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