Hochrhein-Center in Rheinfelden relies on MSR-Traffic

Hochrhein-Center II (HRC II) follows Hochrhein-Center (HRC I), the well-known shopping centre in Rheinfelden/Baden.

Whether shopping, service, wellness or enjoyments, since July 2014 the HRC I has been offering a wide range of shopping opportunities with an attractive mix of specialist shops in the city centre of Rheinfelden.

Copyright Hochrheincenter II, Rheinfelden

©Hochrheincenter II, Rheinfelden

The opening of HRC II is now imminent. In addition to 30 flats, which are available on the 2nd–6th floor, there are a connecting level to the shopping mile HRC I, a few trade areas and an underground car park, which is equipped with an intelligent parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic.

An intelligent parking guidance system means the rapid guidance for people looking for a parking space by means of the LED residual space display of free parking spaces.

The live data on the parking situation enables drivers to make intelligent directional decisions at any time.

The dynamic traffic in the underground car park also results in less CO2 emissions and at the same time increases the economic efficiency of the parking areas.


Ultraschallsensor Cross from MSR-Traffic for intelligent indoor parking guidance systems

©MSR-Traffic GmbH Germany, Ultraschallsensor Cross

Single space detection with ultrasonic sensors (type CROSS)


The ultrasonic sensors from MSR-Traffic, including coloured status LEDs, enable precise counting and single space detection of vehicles.

5 ultra-bright LEDs per colour indicate the status of the parking space. Sensor and LED display are located in one housing.

Mounting of the single space sensors as well as of the counting sensors is done under the ceiling.

Compared to conventional measurement techniques, MSR-Traffic sensors are robust, very durable and provide precise measurement results at all times. The turnkey system is individually configured and installed extremely quickly on site.


Real-time data transfer with the ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC) from MSR-Traffic


The PGCC leaves nothing to be desired in terms of device monitoring and control. It is used to control, visualise and manage one or more parking guidance systems from MSR-Traffic.

ParkGard Control Center, from MSR-Traffic for intelligent indoor parking guidance systems

©MSR-Traffic GmbH Germany, ParkGard Control Center

Communication between hardware and software is carried out via Modbus-RS-485/TCP-IP.

PGCC is responsible for the:

  • control of the parking guidance system
  • storage of historical data
  • compilation of statistics
  • visualisation of the current operation
  • communication with other systems

All configuration data, parking data and statistics are stored in a SQL database.

The ParkGard® Control Center works as a web server and can be operated worldwide on any PC via web browser, provided the local PC is connected to the Internet.




Benefits of the ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC)


  • Monitoring, control and visualisation of parking guidance systems
  • Monitoring, control and visualisation of individual parking spaces
  • Documentation of all relevant data
  • Creating/exporting statistics
  • Finding parking offenders – long-term or false parkers
  • Detecting malfunctions in the system
  • Integration of a compatible gas warning system in parking garages


Further details on MSR-Traffic products can be found in the current MSR-Traffic Online-Catalog.

From the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. 

MSR-Traffic  offers innovative sensor technology and intelligent parking guidance systems that enable counting and single space detection of vehicles indoors  and outdoors.  Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic control technology or via app. With  magnetic field sensorscamerasultrasonic sensors and state-of-the-art   LED displays,  the company offers innovative products and solutions for finding and monitoring parking spaces. In addition to the development, production and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR-Traffic also supports the planning and installation on site. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, send us an email or contact one of our European branches.